Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crikey. Have spent part of today tidying up the kids bedrooms. My only surprise really is that I failed to locate either Elvis or Jimmy Hoffa!! Where did these squirrel-like offspring come from? How come they can't throw anything out!! I mean, how many old pop-corn boxes does a 10 year old actually need? What use are 7 odd socks to a 12 year old? Yes, they're both girls, why do you ask? What on earth is the Kiwi school system teaching these children?
It's scary and made me go and check out my own bedroom.
No Elvis or Jimmy there either thank gawd, altho' I guess I could always suggest that himself dresses up (or down?) for me.
Now then, see this menu? It is from a Vietnamese restaurant. Whoever thought of putting Spaghetti Bolognaise or pasta at all on a menu for a Vietnamese restaurant. Presumably someone with as much sense of order as my daughters. Food for thought indeed.
When I did my cocktail mixology course (which I may do again cos it was so much fun), we had to design, make and present our own cocktail creation. I named mine after Gordon Ramsay. Should I tell him?


Steve said...

I'd be interested to know the ingredients of your cocktail - what exactly makes a good Gordon Ramsay?

I share your amazement at the stuff kids leave lying around in their rooms or even elsewhere around the house. I'm pretty certain that if I look hard enough I can find a pair of my boy's socks in every single room of the house. I suppose I ought to be thankful that he does at least discard them in twos. I also frequently find bits of lego in the kitchen and the bathroom. Weirdly he's also started taking his playstation game instruction manuals to bed with him. I guess we all have our foibles...

The Sagittarian said...

Ah, now don't get me started on foibles. I think the kids have left those under the ironing, or the shoe pile at the front door!
As for the Gordon Ramsay, its a very spicy evening drink. I can tell you that I rimmed the glass with finely cracked pepper (as a teaser)!!

Steve said...

Finely cracked pepper around the rim? Hmm. That's Gordon to a tee. ;-)

Phil said...

Spag Bolly. See, they've obviously got a good sense of taste if they can compromise their own national dishes.

I tend to make up large batches of 'Bolly Sauce' when no ones around, to an evolved Italian neopolitan recipe, which includes, cellery, carrots, cumin, smoked paprika, panchetta, star anise and so on.

Then I put it all into a safe...and then I lie down on my back, brace my arms between the kitchen door frame and push the safe into the fridge with my legs and feet.


You would'nt believe how much wonga my family bribes me with to open that safe come feeding time.